Shower Tray – 20mm Thick

100% waterproof, made of HCFC-FREE XPS foam
High-rigidity and durability
Close bond to any tiling walls or floors
Available at various thickness and sizes
Compatibility to multiple substructures
Vapor retardant against mildew
Light-weight, easy to handle and cut with utility knife


Thickness(mm) Size(in) Size(mm) Outlet Position Drain Type
20 36×36 914×914 Center Square
Offset Square

Shower Elements are specifically designed to help you create a contemporary wet room design.

The Shower Elements are manufactured from a high compressive strength, waterproof extruded polystyrene core which is coated on both sides with a highly polymer modified cement coating that has been reinforced with a glass fiber mesh.

This surface coating increases the resistance to localized point loading and creates a surface that is ready to accept tiling adhesive.

The Shower Elements have been machined with appropriate falls to the drain position and the drain adapter has been pre-assembled within the structure of the Shower Element assembly.

The Shower Elements are designed for use in timber/concrete floors.

By removing the existing floor boards and constructing a reinforcing platform between your floor joists to fully support the Shower Element it is possible to create a fully tileable wet room floor.

The Shower Elements can be easily trimmed to size on site with simple hand tools if necessary.



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