EPDM Waterproof Membrane

  • Excellent weather-ability,durability and size stability
  • Good adaptability to high and low temperature, UV resistant and anti-corrosion
  • High tensile strength and good elongation,accommodating substrate movement
  • Easy installation, environment friendly
  • Good rooting penetration resistance
  • Long service life



  • EPDM waterproof membrane is one of high elasticity among high polymer waterproof materials and becomes a world popular waterproofing material.
  • EPDM waterproof membrane is made from ternary ethylene-propylene rubber, which is designed for waterproofing of exposed and non-exposed applications.
  • EPDM waterproof membrane production adopts the world-advanced equipment of cold feeding extrusion and continuous vulcanization technology.


Subway, tunnels,roofs,basement

Industrial and civil building waterproofing,like water reservoir,bridge,dam,etc.

Geosynthetic liner for swimming pool,channels,irrigation system




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