Waterproof Membrane

Waterproof Membrane – North America cUPC Certificate

Protect tile surfaces and Anti-cracks

Thickness: About 8~10 mils (0.2~0.25mm) ;

Roll Size: 5M/10M/20M/30M

Color: Red/Orange  (support custom)



Waterproof Membrane – North America cUPC certificate

A pliable waterproofing membrane is designed for the direct application of tile.

Protect tile surfaces and Anti-cracks

Adheres tightly to ensures a fully water-tight seal preventing leaks and water vapor permeating

Water & Vapor Impermeable: Prevent the water or moisture penetrating to tiles, ceramics, or wood floor, and avoid tile cracks.

Installation Instruction:

① Clean the surface & cut membrane to size before application. Apply unmodified thin-set mortar to substrate using a V-notched trowel.

② Press the membrane fully into the thin-set mortar and avoid air bubbles.Then wait at least 24 hours before water testing.

③ Corner seams can be covered by inside/outside corner seals and by covering the joints with fabric band strips.

④ Apply modified or unmodified thin-set mortar over the membrane to install tiles.

Company Profile

Blosam,from Shandong, definitely is a forerunner in waterproofing products field in China.

Blosam took the lead in developing and producing uncoupling membraneunderfloor heating mat,  and tile backer boards series products.

By meeting strict international standards,our products are rapidly mass produced and exported to Europe and North America.

The backer board has passed various tests: SGS NO CFC NO CFC. (Fluorine-free and bromine-free test), ASTM E84 test, European EN13501 test, American ASTM C518-17, ASTM C947, ASTM 473, ASTM 297, ASTM G21 test.

The waterproof membrane has passed the American National Standard Test.Recently, it applied the American cUPC certification.

Now, Blosam has obtained European CE certification and has over 20 patents.

And more than 30 trademarks were also applied for in 2021.

As the expert of construction waterproofing products, Blosam will still continuously improves the process.And seek for better materials and excellent quality.

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