Self-Adhesive Butyl Tape

  • This sealant butyl tape is used in the floor underlayment of the building, connect the tile backer boards or waterproofing uncoupling membrane mat. Not for roof patching.
  • The self adhesive butyl tape can maintain flexibility, adhesion, can withstand a certain degree of displacement, and deformation has good followability. Based on these features, it can protect the tile installation from cracks.
  • The rubber butyl is a very safe and effective seal material. Water and weather resistant. With the waterprooing fabric membrane, prevent leak and water pondings.
  • Easy to use: Just peel off the released film and then apply this butyl sealant tape to the trantions of the tile backer foam boards.
  • Because of the self adhesive feature, it is suitable for speedy installation.Save labors,money and time.


Self-Adhesive Butyl Tape

Self-adhesive waterproof Butyl Tape for windows and doors. it’s ideal seal for keeping out water, moisture and air.

Butyl Seal Tape does an excellent job providing a mess-free and air-tight sealing for RVs, windows, boats, glass, and even as an EDPM Rubber Roof Patching.

Butyl tape is a rubber-based adhesive developed to enhance traditional rubber adhesives.

It has a very high adhesive level and sticks to most smooth surfaces quickly.

It’s also extremely resistant to high and low temperatures and can serve as an excellent bonding agent in environments where moisture is a factor, such as outdoor decks.

Butyl rubber tape is also a great quick fix for most household and vehicle projects, like gutters or RV repair, that require patching a hole or leak.

Butyl tape is airtight and watertight against the most extreme weather conditions, including heavy rainfall, direct sunlight, cold winters, and UV.

By being proactive during the early phases to keep moisture out using a strong adhesive waterproof tape seal like butyl tape, you can keep your project sturdy for years beyond that.

Butyl tape can keep your project protected from rain and snow by creating a protective barrier that keeps moisture and condensation out, ensuring your investment stays dry for the long run.

Company Profile

Blosam,from Shandong, definitely is a forerunner in waterproofing products field in China.

Blosam took the lead in developing and producing uncoupling membrane, underfloor heating mat,  and tile backer boards series products.

By meeting strict international standards,our products are rapidly mass produced and exported to Europe and North America.

The backer board has passed various tests: SGS NO CFC NO CFC. (Fluorine-free and bromine-free test), ASTM E84 test, European EN13501 test, American ASTM C518-17, ASTM C947, ASTM 473, ASTM 297, ASTM G21 test.

The waterproof membrane has passed the American National Standard Test.Recently, it applied the American cUPC certification.

Now, Blosam has obtained European CE certification and has over 20 patents.

And more than 30 trademarks were also applied for in 2021.

As the expert of construction waterproofing products, Blosam will still continuously improves the process.And seek for better materials and excellent quality.

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