Bathboard-Bathtub Cladding


  • The improved version: New type of cladding of bathtubs and showering trays.
  • Height Adjustable: Equipped with the adjustable feet.
  • Waterproof and moisture-proof:  Passes the ANSI A118.10
  • Lightweight and can be cut to fit different bathtub.



Blosam Bathboard cladding is made of 30mm tile backer board and has revolutionised the cladding of bathtubs and showering trays.

Bathboard side is 2100mm length which is suitable for all bathtubs.

And it can be cut if necessary for installation. Designed for tile and stone applications.

But please note that both ends should be cut at same time to ensure that the adjustment feet are symmetrical.


Waterproof tile backer prevents water from causing harmful damage.

Waterproof:  Mold resistant and Waterproofness is tested by the ANSI A118.10

Made of high-density XPS Foam Tile Backer which is an exceptionally lightweight, durable waterproof tile backer board.

With specially mortar coated surfaces, the bathboard is designed for interior tile and stone applications.

It’s suitable for walls, showers, tub surrounds, floors and counter tops.

Bathboard  Size

Size Option: (Support customized size)

Size A

bathboard side:  2100x600x30mm

bathboard front:  770x600x30mm

Size B

bathboard side:  1850x600x30mm

bathboard front:  800x600x30mm


100% waterproof, mold and mildew proof

High insulating properties due to its extruded polystyrene core

Strong and ready to tile surface made of reinforcing fiberglass mesh fully embedded in a cement based resin coating.

Extremely lightweight. Suit for installations over older structures and fast and safe handling on construction sites.

Easy and clean to cut to size using a utility knife.

No limitation to use of tile sizes or the type of tile.

No limitation to use of cement based thin-set mortars and grouts.

Replaces cement boards plus the added waterproof membranes.

Available in multiple sizes and thicknesses for use as floor underlayment, wall and ceiling backer board, over countertops, tub decks, and for building seats or tileable furniture without need for any support made of wood or steel.

Company Profile

Blosam,from Shandong, definitely is a forerunner in waterproofing products field in China.

Blosam took the lead in developing and producing uncoupling membraneunderfloor heating mat,  and tile backer boards series products.

By meeting strict international standards,our products are rapidly mass produced and exported to Europe and North America.

The backer board has passed various tests: SGS NO CFC NO CFC. (Fluorine-free and bromine-free test), ASTM E84 test, European EN13501 test, American ASTM C518-17, ASTM C947, ASTM 473, ASTM 297, ASTM G21 test.

The waterproof membrane has passed the American National Standard Test.Recently, it applied the American cUPC certification.

Now, Blosam has obtained European CE certification and has over 20 patents.

And more than 30 trademarks were also applied for in 2021.

As the expert of construction waterproofing products, Blosam will still continuously improves the process.And seek for better materials and excellent quality.

If you are interested in, please feel free to contact us for the product catalog or ask for the quote.

We will reply as soon as possible.


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